PrediCareTM is a novel software-based treatment navigation tool, predicting the patient’s disease progression moment. This moment is critical in the patient’s therapeutic timeline, being the key factor controlling the change of the treatment plan. PrediCare is designed to be applied in the individual patient treatment, after each current tumor assessment, and prior to the next scheduled tumor assessment.


At each assessment, PrediCare allows the physician to act by one of the following scenarios:

  1. If no progression is predicted between the current and next assessment- continue treatment as usual under the current line;
  2. If a progression event between the current and next assessment is predicted - consider switching to the next line treatment, before a major deterioration in the patient’s state takes place

PrediCareTM allows a switch to the next-line treatment, earlier than recommended by the SOC, therefore leading to improved late-stage treatment navigation. The use of PrediCare is expected to result in extended overall survival, satisfying the goal of all cancer therapeutics for all stake-holders.