Prof. Zvia Agur, PhD, Founder, Chairperson


Prof. Zvia Agur serves as Optimata’s CSO and Chairperson. A known international biomathematician, Prof. Agur leads Optimata's research, maintaining its leadership as a cutting-edge science-based company. In 1999, Prof. Agur founded the Institute for Medical Biomathematics, IMBM, where she serves as president and continues to conduct academic scientific research on related topics. Prior to the establishment of Optimata, Prof. Agur co-founded the Israeli Society of Theoretical and Mathematical Biology (ISTMB) and the European Society of Mathematical Biology (ESMTB), in the aim of increasing public awareness for the significance of biomathematics to biomedical innovation. She served as President (ISTMB) and Board member (ESMTB) for over six years. Prof. Agur has held academic positions at the Weizmann Institute and Tel Aviv University in Israel, along with international visiting fellowships with Oxford University, Imperial College and others. Prof. Agur has made major contributions to the theory of disease dynamics, chemotherapy optimization and vaccination policies. Her original and innovative research work has won national awards, and has been widely published in major scientific journals. She serves on the editorial board of several scientific journals, has organized leading international conferences and supervises numerous graduate students. Prof. Agur holds a PhD in mathematical biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Université Libre de Bruxelles.